14 Types of Travellers. What Kind of Travellers are You? 73

#1 The Shopaholic


The shopaholic is the rich kid in the block, shopping without a blink of his or her eyes. The purchase anything from the luxury brands to the night markets. Anything and everything that catches their eyes go straight into their bags.

#2 The Event Planner

My Plan

The event planner tends to plan everything in details including the timing and isΒ very inflexible. They prefer to follow the flow with accuracy like a planned concert. Everyone needs to wakes up on time and to follow the plan to the core. The positive side of the event planner is that they would know the must-go places and must-do activities.

#3 The Gastronaut


EAT, EAT, and EAT. They are the curious foodie, eating everything from street food, to the cafe to the restaurant! They are the walking dictionary to the best restaurant in each country. The gastronaut seems to have aΒ depthless stomach, and sometimes no matter how much they eat they would never get fat. (The most hated part of a gastronaut)

#4 The History Buff


They are the walking history textbook, from the Fall of Berlin wall, to the Chinese Cultural Revolution to the Nazi Genocide and even to the Khmer Rouge. They seem to know everything, and they are a good companion to substitute your tour guide.

#5 The Party Animal


The party animal is the master of drink, drank, drama. They know where is the most happening club and pubs, they substitute water with any alcohol drinks. From Angkor Beer in Cambodia, Star Beer in Nigeria, Β Guinness in Ireland to Skol Beer in Brazil. If you intend to have a crazy holiday, they are the best person to travel with. They would make any boring party, happening.

#6 The Lone Ranger


As the name suggest, they enjoy travelling alone and never feel lonely. They enjoy the luxury to be spontaneous and are not afraid to meet and to mix around with the locals. They are the best person to ask if you intend to try some off the beaten path in any location.

#7 The Wild Adventurer


Bungee jumping in Macau, Skydiving in Australia, Canoeing in Mekong River, they are the one that have a long list of crazy activities on their bucket list and thrives to cross out each activity when they travels. If you intend to have a heart pounding weekend, they are the to go to person, they have tons of stories to share with some near death experience.

#8 The lazy bum


The lazy bum, you can also called them the couch warmer. They tend to sleep until 2pm in the afternoon, and head out in the late afternoon. Their main motive is to lazy around and to keep their mind empty while they recharge during the holiday. If you are looking for a recharge, they would have lots of recommendations.

#9 The Whiner


The never satisfied whiner, they babbled about everything. From the smallest details about the water pressure in the shower, to the planning of the itinerary. They are never ever satisfied with anything, they are better to stay at home. If you intend to have a peaceful holiday, they are the people who you need to avoid at all cost.

#10 The Workaholic


The workaholic seems like they are born with the umbilical cord attached to their laptop or their phones where they constantly reply emails and answering calls. Unless they are on business trip, if they are on a vacation, they are no fun to be around. They tend to be emotionless towards their surroundings.

#11 The Photographer


They are the technie guys with all the dslr, point and shoot, and mirrorless camera. They are the one with all the gadgets. They are the one that would be taking many shots before you are able to consume your food, but are the one that helps you to keep your fond memories. They make all your image talks!

#12 The House-Mover


The travel as if they are moving their house, they tend to overpack and to carry almost everything. But they are the best people to travel with if you ain’t helping them to carry their stuff, as they would have anything and everything that you need along your travels.

#13 The Timid Mouse


The timid mouse is worried and scared to mix around with the locals, they are scared to try any activities and even street food. You tend to see them trying fastfood. If you aint intending to try out any wild adventures, they would be a pretty good travelling companion.

#14 The Early Riser


The wake up super early and they tend to head downstairs for breakfast. They want to stretch the amount of time when they are travelling. They are sometimes seen as hyperactive, and their battery never goes flat.

So, What kind of traveller are you?

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