5 Survival Tips for China Bullet Train 14

I have recently travelled a few times on the China Bullet Train and these are my 5 Survival Tips for China Bullet Train.

#1 Bring along your passport/ identification to purchase ticket


China has tightened its security on public transport when purchasing the bullet train ticket, just assume that you are purchasing a plane ticket. They would need your passport and identification cards for verification, during the purchase and before entering the station.

#2 Show up at least 30 mins early


The train might be a bit of a walking distance away from the holding area. So, show up at least 30 mins early, as the trains tend to leaves on the dot. It wouldn’t be nice for you to be lugging all your luggage and running after the train.

#3 Keep your train tickets throughout the journey


Keep your train tickets throughout the journey and NEVER EVER lose it. You would need your train tickets to exit the train station or you would be asked to re-purchase another ticket with a fine.

#4 Bring instant noodles or purchase from the cafe cabin


If you have a long journey through the China bullet train, they do provide hot water for you to cook instant noodles near to every cabin exits.

#5 You can purchase a top-up ticket


When purchasing the ticket, I had purchased a wrong ticket and had wanted to go to Fuzhou instead of Fuzhou North. You are able to purchase a top up ticket for Fuzhou North to Fuzhou. But it also comes with a fine.

Share with me your tips for surviving bullet trains.

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