5 types of people everyone hates on the plane! 14

I have written this article when I was flying on Tigerair from Singapore to QuanZhou. This is the 5 types of people everyone hates on the plane.

#1 The Gossip-Mongers

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The gossip-mongers literally treat the airplane as their home. They speak and crowd around like as if they are having a gathering around the BBQ pit. With my earphones on, and music playing in my earphones, I can still hear the chitty chatty.

On the flight to China, a whole group of aunties were gathering together as if they had a mini fire pit in the middle and they were talking very loudly being oblivious of the flight attendants and other passengers.

#2 The Mambo Jumbo


The mambo Jumbo treats the airplane as their dance floor, they are likely to have forgotten their earphones or intentionally did not bring it. As they play their music loudly and dance to the beats of it.

#3 The Heck Care Parents


The heck care parents kind of forgotten that they have kids, and they allow their kids to roam around and to make a lot of noise on the airplane.

#4 The Stinky Inky


The stinky inky literally treats the airplane as their private jet, they takes off their shoes with their stinky socks, and provides the plane with a weird ‘aroma’. The terrible smell makes you want to puke, and the airplane is as small as it can get and you cant run away from the smell.

#5 The Impatient


The impatient tends to be the first to stand up although the announcement was not given for passengers to leave their seats and the seat belt sign is still on. They can’t wait to leave the airplane and try to squeeze their way out of the airplane as soon as possible but are likely to be the first to squeeze into the airplane.

When I was on the plane from Singapore to QuanZhou, the announcement was adamant that all passengers to be seated until after the airplane come to a complete stop. But there was a very stubborn passenger who decided to go against it and started standing up and opening the overhead compartment to take his hand-carry luggage.

When another passenger shouted across the airplane to ask him to sit down, his reply was that he frequently takes airplane and knows the rules better than she does.

The arrogance of that guy just simply irk me.

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