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Singapore is the most expensive city, with a land area of about 700km2 and an estimated population of about 5.3 million. Singapore, which means Lion City, received its independence on the 9th August 1965. We had recently celebrated our SG50. Singapore is a multi-racial, multi-religion, multi-culture country.

Visit the 7 wonders of Singapore.

#1 Botanic Gardens Of Singapore – First UNESCO World Heritage


Botanic Garden is Singapore first UNESCO World Heritage. It was first set up by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1822 mainly to cultivate economic crops. It can be accessible from Botanic Garden MRT Station. The Botanic Garden provides various guided tours on Saturdays. Check out the online trail guides for the Botanic Garden.

#2 Marina Bay Sands + Art Science Museum


Marina Bay Sands is the iconic of Singapore skyscraper. Many tourists would visit the infinity pool at the top of the Marina Bay sands that is 191 metres above the ground. The Art Science Museum is modelled after the lotus flower and housed to more than 21 gallery space. The Marina Bay Sands and the Art Science Museum is accessible from the Bayfront MRT Station.

#3 Garden by the Bay – 21st Century Botanic Garden


The Garden by the Bay is Singapore’s 21st-century botanic garden, it covers a span of more than 101-hectare of reclaimed land. The Garden by the Bay is a hi-tech garden with attractions like the flower dome, cloud forest, supertree grove, etc. The Garden by the Bay has a series of events. In April – May, the flower dome has the Tulipmania Floral Display, while in July, The Singapore Garden Festival is on display.  The Garden by the Bay is located near to the Marina Bay Sands and is accessible by the Bayfront MRT Station.

#4 Sentosa- Universal Studio


The Universal Studio Singapore is the first Universal Studio Theme Park to be built in South-East Asia, it has a total of 7 different themed zones. Each themed zone is based on a blockbuster movie or a television show, featuring its own unique attractions, shops and dining areas. Universal Studios is accessible from the Sentosa Express from the Harbourfront MRT station at Vivo City.

#5 Heritage Walk: Chinatown, Little India, Arab Street


Under the Sir Stamford Raffles plan of Singapore, the Chinese migrants were placed in Chinatown, while the Indians were placed in Little India and the Arabs and Malay are placed in Arab Street.

Chinatown has free walking tours on every Saturday morning provided to let you have a taste of local delicacies. Chinatown is accessible from the Chinatown MRT Station.

Arab Street is accessible by the Bugis MRT station. Haji Lane is the artsy fartsy lane located within the vicinity of Arab Street, with many shophouses, with local designers and interesting cafes.

Little India is accessible by Little India MRT Station. Walk through the Indian community and have a sense of their spices. If you are looking to top up some necessities for the next leg of your trip, you can consider heading down to Mustafa Centre, which is the biggest 24-hours shopping centre which sells almost everything.

#6 Merlion – Singapore’s Icon


How can you come to Singapore without taking a photo with the Merlion? The Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion’s head and a body of a fish. There is a total of 5 merlions statues in Singapore. The most famous one is located near the Fullerton, which is accessible by Raffles Place MRT Station. While the tallest Merlion is located at Sentosa, Merlion Park, which stands at 37-metres tall.

#7 Fort Canning Park – Understand World War II


The Battle Box at Fort Canning Park used to be an underground command centre. This is the place where the British made the decision to surrender Singapore to the Japanese and that cause Singaporeans to go through the miserable 2.5 years under the Japanese Occupation.

Have you visited Singapore? What are the places that you have visited in Singapore that I have missed?

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27 thoughts on “The 7 Wonders of Singapore

  • tom

    Excellent photos, especially the nighttime shots. Singers seems to be one of those Asian cities that very often looks better in the dark than in the daylight.

  • Emi Lea

    Singapore is a really beautiful city. I was there just for a weekend but I was impressed by its sheer… perfection! Utopian city indeed. And I can’t believe I’ve missed that Botanic Garden! I need to go back!

  • Tamz

    I’ve lived in Singapore for 6 years and explored each of these places. But for me nothing could match the view of the MBS waterfront lighting up during the evenings. That was one view I never got tired of

  • Tae

    I’ve visted Singapore, but not for long – only got a chance to see a superficial glimpse and the Merlion. I’ve always wanted to go to the gardens – especially the flower and cloud domes 🙂 Those seem so surreal!

  • Tina

    As always great post! I love the way you write them! I haven’t been to Singapur but it is definitely on my bucket list!
    Little India looks so colourful! I think that would be the first thing I would like to see there – should be a great place for taking some great night shoots – what do you think?

  • Sheri

    There is so much to do and see in Singapore, your pictures really make these places stand out. I think I would really want to see the Garden by the Bay – 21st Century Botanic Garden, it looks amazing. I will tweet this post! Simply awesome.

  • John and Laurel Rodgers

    All great places and we fly through Singapore often but have never left the airport. Looks like 7 reasons for me to do just that. The Chinatown area looks really cool.

  • Rachel

    I’ve never visited but my husband has been for work and I’d love to go someday! That lion fountain looks really cool! I hear it’s such a beautiful place to visit!

  • Liana

    The Botanic garden seems like such a one place in the whole world! As well as Singapore. I’ve heard so many amazing things about this city! Thanks for the infos, I’ve learnt so much! x

  • Ahammed

    This is a well detailed guide of Singapore,Will be helpful for my next visit to Singapore and never been experienced heritage walk on my visit to Singapore:(

  • Sanket D.

    That botanical garden looks so peaceful! wow. And Marina Bay – what can I say! I’d a friend who spent a semester at a school near Marina Bay a year or so ago, and every single day all I could see in her snapchats was the mad life around the bay!

  • Ann

    I absolutely love Singapore though I visited more than a few years ago now. We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands when it had just opened and the view from the pool really is amazing, though the pool was very crowded! Sentosa and Universal was also really fun, highly recommend indoor skydiving if you get the chance!