How My Ass got Groped in China 16

I recently travelled to China, I flew from Singapore to QuanZhou, which is the largest city in the Fuzhou Province. But my destination was FuZhou which is the ancestral home of my family.

So, after reaching QuanZhou, I had to take a bullet train to FuZhou. FuZhou is the capital of Fujian Province.

China has the longest high-speed rail with over 19,000 km, it has an operational speed of up to 380 km/h and it takes about 1hour 20 mins from QuanZhou to FuZhou.

So, What happened?

When buying the bullet train tickets, we needed to present our passport and our details are printed on the tickets.


The train tickets would print your name. China has tightened its security on the bullet train. The security level is similar to going through an airport security clearance.


After you purchase the train ticket, they would match your train ticket with your passport details before entering the train station. Before entering the train station, you would need to let your bags pass through the X-ray machine, and you would need to pass through a metal detector.

Without thinking much, I place my bags into the X-ray machine, and pass through the metal detector, and was asked to stand on a little platform.

So, Who groped my ass?

While standing on the little platform, 2 ladies used hand-held metal detector to scan my body and the other hand was moving throughout my body to ensure that I am not a carrying anything underneath my clothes. It was at this moment one of the lady groped my ass. I was kind of taken aback by the action, and faster move on to take my belongings and faster move into the train station to prepare for my ride.


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16 thoughts on “How My Ass got Groped in China

  • Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

    The added security is a good thing, I guess. Even with the scanners and pat-downs that have been added to the travel experience, coming from a western country, it would be expected for an agent to talk to you about “groping” first. I guess, it’s a goo thing to be aware of that this is not always the case everywhere. I wonder if it would have been different for a female….

  • Holly

    Now that is an attention grabbing title! Those two little ladies apparently were looking for some action lol. That is pretty crazy, but cool that you are lighthearted about it.

  • Megan Jerrard

    Hmmm, well I guess some people might have enjoyed it lol … I had a similar experience in Copenhagen – not sure why I was flagged as needing a full pat down, but I sure got one! Interesting discussion about the balance of airport security/personal space.

  • Tess Andrade

    Hmmm…why did I choose to be a travel blogger again? To ‘ass grope’ sexy men and being paid for it, sounds quite appealing LOL. Jokes aside – it’s awesome that you are so cool about it. I don’t think I would be. If anybody decided to just grope me, i’d be turning into godzilla within 0.3 seconds. Unless it’s George Clooney – then….but only then…I would do an exception. 😉

  • Rosemary

    Love the comment from Melody 🙂 Did you like it? Strange though that security would “grope.” So glad to hear that security is tight and almost like an airport. That’s important for safety. So, did you enjoy the bullet train or is that in the next post?

    • Bernard Tan Post author

      I was kinda taken aback, rather than having feelings for it. The bullet train was a fun and almost terrifying experience which i would share in the upcoming posts.

  • Julie

    I would love, LOVE to ride one of the super high speed trains in Asia. I just can’t even imagine what it looks like the world speeding by that fast! The awkward groping by security agents is, sadly, a semi-regular experience these days, and as long as it’s done professionally, the added safety doesn’t bother me too much 🙂

  • sabrina

    mmm, well, security is ok… but I think I would be annoyed to be scanned and detected at any tube I have to take. Mainly in places where distances are so big! I’d go crazy after one day.

  • Mags

    As much as I’d rather not be groped by strangers, it is comforting that they take such security measures. I’ve often wondered how safe it is to travel by train in countries with limited or no security.