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The Bogus Monk Scam is prevalent in all area, there have been reports that they are in the USA, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and many other countries.

As you might be walking down the street, a ‘monk’ might stopped you and give you a gold card with a buddha image on it, or might insist on putting the beads bracelet on you and ask you for a donation.


So, How to spot a bogus monk?

Bogus Monk

Real Monk

Ask for donation aka money at any time of the dayDo NOT ask for MONEY, seek alms (Food or Medicine) in the morning, before noon
Approach you directly for donationsDo NOT approach directly, rather they would stand silently at the side to wait for people to give alms (Food or Medicine)
Try to sell you items like Buddha Images, prayer beads & relicsDo NOT sell items, including Buddha images, prayer beads & relics
Approach the foreignersTend to approach the locals, instead of the foreigners
Tend to wear pants underneath their robesDo NOT wear pants underneath their robes

I remember when I was young, I used to study in a Buddhist school in Singapore, and most of the times, the relics are readily available for students to take freely and to read. Growing up in Singapore, as we are a multi-racial, multi-religion country, I do remember seeing Buddhist relics, readily available for people to take and to read.

It is sad to know that all these bogus monks are going around to cheat and to scam people of their hard earn money.


Fake Monk_Fotor



Watch the bogus monk in action selling prayer beads & relics, and asking for a donation.


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3 thoughts on “Bogus Monk Scam

  • Christina

    I am so glad I read this post. I would definitely have fallen for this scam otherwise! We don’t have any immediate plans to visit Cambodia although it is on our bucket list so I hope I remember this for when we go!

  • Andra

    This is so true! We have met these fake monks in Cambodia as well and there were other tourists with stories about them. This is truly a useful post, well done and thanks 🙂