Budget : How I spent less than SGD 500 in Taiwan for 5 days (Including Flights)

The biggest expenditure for a traveller is always the air ticket.

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The usual price for anyone to fly from Singapore to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport would be below SGD300 per pax, based on Skyscanner the lowest price is about SGD254 per person.

So, Budget : How much did I spend on the air tickets?

I spent a total of SGD 320.40 for 2 people and only SGD 160.20 per person on air tickets


  1. I bought the tickets during the Singapore National Day period, where there was a major discount, and I booked directly from the airline. Skyscanner is good but some of the discounts might not be reflected on Skyscanner, so do check with the airline to see if there is any promotion that they are running.
  2. I travelled during the Singapore November school holiday, the price should be more expensive as it is considered as Peak Period.
  3. Since Jetstar also fly the same route, if it meets the criteria, you could use their Best Price Guarantee. (Click Here to see my review on the Jetstar Best Price Guarantee OR Click Here to see How to use Jetstar Best Price Guarantee)

So, Budget : How much did I spend on accommodation?

Taiwan is famous for staying in Minsu (民宿) aka Homestay. So, instead of staying hotels or hostels, I decided that for this trip we would try Airbnb for the first time. If this is your first time booking Airbnb (Click here for the referral code to get SGD$28 from your first trip).

I spent a total of SGD 200 for 2 people in total for all my accommodations, which would be SGD 100 per person while using the referral code.

So, Budget : Which accommodation do I recommend in Taipei?

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This is the best Airbnb experience that I have ever had! (Click here to see more photos of the room at Airbnb) I did not stay at this place for all the nights, as I also travelled out to Taichung.

So, Budget : Why do I recommend this accommodation in Taipei?

  1. The accommodation is located 5 mins away from Ximen Station.
  2. The host provided us with a Taiwan guidebook and a portable wifi router (So, you can stay connected and sent photos of your delicious food to your friends back home. That was what I did and was almost kicked out from the WhatsApp group chat, LOL!)
  3. The accommodation was fully furnished with proper toiletries and comes even with a washing machine, sofa, and also a fridge.
  4. The accommodation is similar to an SOHO, or a one room apartment. Which means you do not need to stay in a room with someone else’s flat.
  5. The host is extremely friendly and approachable.

I told my mum that the only thing that this place lack is a massage chair after all the walking around in the night markets.

So, Budget : How much did I spend on the High-Speed Rail?


The Taiwan High-Speed Rail (HSR) is the fastest way for you to take from Taipei to Taichung, and or to other areas, with an operating speed of maximum 300km/h (186miles/hour).

I took 2 HSR ride

Taipei to Taichung (Standard Price – NTD 700/person)*

Taichung to Taoyuan (Standard price – NTD 540/person)*

* based on the new price, as of Dec 2015, the price has decreased.


By booking up to 28days before your ride, you are able to get up to 35% discount off for early bird discount.


My Taipei to Taichung ticket was on 20% early bird discount, which cost me NTD610/person (SGD 26, based on my credit card bill)

My Taichung to Taoyuan ticket was purchased late, therefore, I had to pay the normal price, which cost me NTD590/person (SGD 27, based on my credit card bill)

So, Budget : What is the breakdown of my expenditure?

In Taiwan, the best place to have your lunch or dinner is by having the various food at the night market, instead of going to a restaurant.

ItemsCost for 2 PaxCost Per Person
Air Ticket (Return)$320.40$160.20
Taiwan HSR$106.00$53.00
Food at Night Market + Train Ride$360.00$180.00







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