Digging Gold Mine at JinGuaShi (金瓜石), Taiwan

JinGuaShi(金瓜石), is a beautiful coastal coal mining town, located in the Ruifang District of New Taipei City. It is situated between the mountains and the coastline. During the Japanese occupation era between (1895-1945), JinGuaShi(金瓜石) was a prosperous mining town for copper, silver and gold. The mine has an estimated of 8 million Oz of gold.

The resources have depleted, and now JinGuaShi(金瓜石) is mainly preserved for educational purpose.


So, How to get to JinGuaShi(金瓜石) from Taipei Main Station?

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Instead of stopping at Jiufen, you can take the bus all the way to JinGuaShi (金瓜石).

Visit the Four-Joined Japanese Style Residence

As the JinGuaShi (金瓜石) was previously run by the Japanese, the Managers has built a Japanese style apartment for them to stay.


So, Is there any Must-Try?

You must try the miners bian-dang aka take away, and you get to take home the metal container and the cloth that wrap around the container.


So, What are the things to do in JinGuaShi (金瓜石)?

(1) Japanese ‘Four-Joined’ Style Residence

(2) Benshan 5th Tunnel

(3) Jinguashi Shinto Shrine

(4) Museum of Gold

(5) Japanese Crown Prince Chalet

(6) Gold Waterfall

(7) Gold panning experience

I spent about 2 hours around JinGuaShi (金瓜石) chilling around and looking at the scenery. As the weather is cold, it was super comfortable. I did not take photos of all the things to do. As I was there in the late evening and the place was preparing to close, we had to rush through the various museum.


So, Do I recommend JinGuaShi (金瓜石)?

Yes, definitely!

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