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This is from my personal experience. As I am from Singapore, therefore the Expedia is the Singapore website which might have the difference if you are using the US website and the currency is in Singapore Dollars, SG$.

As I am preparing my backpacking trip in Asia, in June -July 2016. I was doing some research online for the hotel that I would like to stay. Previously, I used to book my hotels through Agoda as I felt that the interface is more friendly and clearer.

But as I am doing my research for my hotel in Thailand, BKK. I was surprised to know that Expedia, provides the following scheme.

After doing extensive research on the various hotels, I had decided to book the GAAM Hotel in Bangkok for 2 nights for my trip. I went to check through all the various hotel booking website.

Finally, Expedia was able to provide me with the best value for money aka cheapest price.

My 2 nights stay in GAAM Hotel for their Asteroids Queen room from Expedia would cost me SG$90.32, SG$45.16/night after I used my AMEX Credit Card to get an additional 10% discount.

The next day as I was trying my luck around various hotel booking website to see if I am able to get a cheaper price on my GAAM Hotel from Expedia, I chance upon Agoda whereby they had lowered the price of the room for 2 nights to SG$82.88, SG$41.22/night.

GAAM Hotel


Therefore, I went to Expedia – Best Price Guarantee to lodge a claim on the difference and to see if this is a SCAM or LEGIT?

I have read up a lot of reviews, some claiming that the Expedia – Best Price Guarantee is a SCAM, but there is some that mentioned that they have received their claims. So, I know I have to try it out and to share with my friends.

I submitted my online application with the screenshot of the Agoda final price in the morning at around 11.40am. I also received an auto-generated email from Expedia mentioning that they would aim to reply me within 48 hours.



To my surprise, at 7 pm, I received an email from Expedia regarding my claims.



Expedia has accepted my Best Price Guarantee and has processed my refund for SG$14.88, which is 2 times the difference as promised in their advertisement.

final price


This has brought the total cost for 2 nights to be SG$75.44, instead of SG$90.32, which is a saving of SG$14.88. I would also be sharing some terms and conditions that you need to look out for when using the Expedia – Best Price Guarantee, in my next post.

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