Swinging from one tree to another – Flight of the Gibbon

Recently, I travelled from Myanmar to Thailand. I stopped by Chiang Mai to visit the world-renowned and must try experience, the flight of the gibbon which was listed on the 7 wonders of Chiang Mai. Flight of the Gibbon is the longest and highest Zipline in southeast Asia and the first in Thailand.

We started the journey at 6.30am where the pickup waited for us outside our hotel. The journey took about 1 hour to reach the destination for the flight of the gibbon.

1. Safety!

We started the trip with the safety briefing, and we tried our harness and helmet. There were lockers available to keep our valuables.

2. Knowing our Guides!

Our guides were extremely friendly and jovial, they shared with us their experience and they shared with us various plants in the forest. Our guides made the entire experience fun and adventurous, without compromising of our safety.  Our group have a total of 7 participants and we had 2 experience guide.

3. Swinging from tree to tree

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Flight of the Gibbon have more than 20 different Ziplines, with various distance and height. It also includes two abseils, about 40m high.  The experience lasted about 2-3 hours and it was indeed fun and exciting, we had the chance to do an 800m zipline.

We also had the chance to see some monkeys in the forest from afar!

4. Waterfall and Lunch

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We had simple local Thai cuisine for lunch and after lunch, we head to the Mae Kampong waterfall. The Mae Kampong waterfall wasn’t the best waterfall but it is still nice.

Would I want to visit flight of the gibbon again?

YES! It was indeed an incredible and delightful experience. In our group, we had 2 newly-wed couples that did the Flight of the Gibbon and was on their honeymoon! The company also provides the Chiang Mai City Segway Tour – a fun way to visit all the historical temples in Chiang Mai.

Would you want to visit flight of the gibbon in Chiang Mai?

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