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At the beginning of the year, I spend about 1 month in Bangkok doing my CELTA. During the one month, I had tons of craving for Singapore’s food and created this list of Top 10 must try and crave after food in Singapore.

Singapore is considerably the food capital of Asia.

Check out my Top 10 must try and crave after food in Singapore

1. Nasi Lemak

Rice cooked with pandan leave and coconut milk gives it a lasting aroma, usually comes with deep fried chicken wing and an omelette.

2. Chicken Rice

Tasty delicious rice with spicy chilli with garlic and a neatly cut white or roast chicken. The meat is fully cooked before soaking into cold water to ensure the meat remains tender.

3. Mee Rebus

A Malay dish made from yellow egg noodles, thick gravy and garnish. The success of the dish is highly dependent on the gravy sauce.

4. Hokkien Prawn Noodles

This stir-fry noodles with strong fragrance from the aromatic stock made from pork bones and prawn heads. It is served with delicious sambal chilli, a squeeze of lime juice and crunchy pork lard.

5. Char Kway Teow

Stir fry rice cake strip with dark sweet sauce. The fragrance wrapped around the noodles and eggs covered with dark sweet sauce makes the dish unforgettable

6. Kaya Toast

Charcoal-grilled toast bread with a generous spread of kaya (jam made with coconut and eggs) and a thin sliced of cold butter. The cold butter melts in your mouth when you bite into the toast.

7. Putu Piring

Delicious aromatic Gula Malaka (coconut sugar) wrapped in rice flour with generous amount of coconut flakes. The unassuming white putu piring would be amazed you when you bite into the coconut sugar with its natural sweetness.

8. Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh loose translation is Meat Bone Tea. The dish consists of pork ribs (Meat on Bone) simmered with herbs and spices to give its strong aromatic smell. Despite its name, it doesn’t have ‘Tea’ in it, the tea refers to the Chinese tea usually served with the soup.

9. Laksa

Thick spicy stock with coconut milk and white thick bee hoon, sometimes served with prawns and eggs. Back in the 1970s, people do not have time to slowly devour their meals, therefore the noodles are cut for easier consumption and eaten using a spoon. Some Laksa stalls still retain this tradition.

10. Fried Carrot Cake / Chai tow kway

Fried Carrot Cake can be found in almost every hawker centre, it is served black (fried with sweet dark soya sauce) or white (original). Do not confuse this with the English carrot cake, the Fried Carrot Cake does not have any carrot in it. The Carrot Cake is made from rice flour and white radish, the dish is usually stir fry with a huge amount of eggs, garlic and preserved radish.

** Special Mention: Durian

The King of Fruit is grown in South East Asia. The unique taste of the fruit has caused diverse views from intense disgust to heavenly delicious. The exterior of the fruit is thorny, while the thick milky flesh has a bittersweet taste. Some consider the smell as stinky socks, while others love the bittersweet taste. Definitely a must try in Singapore or in South East Asia.

What is your must try and crave after food in Singapore?

10 Highly Crave Food In Singapore


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