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When travelling in China, I realised that it is a pain in the ass to book hotels and hostels. In China, they have certain regulations that make it difficult for foreigners to book hotels and hostels.

So, What are the regulations?

#1 In China, all hotels would need to register their customers with the nearby police station. The hotels would need you to have your passport.

#2 Not all hotels are licenced to take in foreigners, that makes the whole process even more complicated.

When I was trying to book my hotel in Xiamen, most of the rooms that I wanted to book are meant strictly for Mainland Chinese.


Fellow travel blogger Becky at Trekking with Becky recently travelled to Beijing and was not allowed to check-in as the hotel did not have the licence to take in foreigners, and was almost left stranded. Read her experience on Hotel Hell in Beijing.

So, How did I booked my hotel in Xiamen?

Instead of looking through Agoda and, I turned to the Chinese based booking site to assist me in booking my hotels.

Screenshot 2016-04-09 14.23.28Ctrip is the Expedia, the Agoda, the of China, it encompassed booking of Flights, Hotels and even Trains. It has the most comprehensive amount of hotel in China.

Ctrip allows you to book using your credit card or payment at the hotel.

I would highly recommend that either you pay through your credit card from Ctrip website or you pay cash at the Hotel.

So, How is the WIFI?

When I was in Xiamen and even in Yun Shui Yao, the accommodation that I stayed in provided WIFI with good speed and connectivity. Therefore, this would not be a major concern.

So, How safe is it staying in a Hotel or Hostel in China?

I would say that it is relatively safe in China when we were staying in Xiamen, we had requested to stay on the first floor, instead of climbing the stairs to a higher level. The entrance of the place was opened most of the time, and sometimes there wasn’t anyone sitting at the reception. The doors are electronically locked, instead of using a key. For the past 2 nights that we stayed there, it was very safe and there wasn’t much to be afraid about. I had also brought my Macbook along and most of the time, it is kept in the room.


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