How did the chicken cross the Vietnam road? 6

Crossing the road in Vietnam is a heart thumping, palms sweating and nerve-wracking experience. In Vietnam, there is an estimated 37 million motorbikes and 2 million cars. Motorbikes are convenient is the most important transportation tool for Vietnamese. In 2001, the government has announced that to ease the traffic in major areas, they are going to build new metro around HCMC, it is expected to be up by 2020 after many delays.

#1 Mentally plan your route


Before you began the experience, you should make a mental note and to plan your route.

#2 Take a deep breath & walk slowly


Before you begin the nerve-racking experience, take some deep breath, prepare yourself and start walking slowly. Do not have any abrupt change in course or speed. The motorbikes tend to weave through you.

#3 Avoid the bigger vehicles

Avoid the bigger vehicles, the motorbikes tend to weave through you. While the bigger vehicle tends to stop in the middle of the road. I would suggest that you let the bigger vehicle pass first.

#4 Walk like a Boss!


Walk like a Boss, but don’t walk like you own the road. Enjoy the experience!

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