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How to use Expedia Best Price Guarantee?

From my previous post, you would have realised that I have received the claim from Expedia.

******Please note that I am using the Expedia Singapore version, so if you are located elsewhere there might be different requirements for you.

In this post, I would be sharing some of the key factors / terms and conditions to look out for when you intend to claim the Expedia – Best Price Guarantee.

The Expedia Best Price Guarantee …

1. ONLY for Hotel or Flights + Hotel Package


Expedia Tip 1

If you decided to book only the flight through Expedia, you would not be able to enjoy the Expedia – Best Price Guarantee.

As I prefer to book my flights directly from the various airline. Therefore, the tips available are more towards the booking of hotels instead of the whole package.

2. The Expedia – Best Price Guarantee should be the total amount (including taxes and fees)

You would need to ensure that you are comparing eggs to eggs, chicken to chicken.


Expedia Tip 2


Expedia Tip 2a

If you booked a Deluxe Double Room with Breakfast, make sure that you compare with a Deluxe Double Room with Breakfast and not with a Deluxe Double Room without Breakfast.


Expedia Tips

3. 24 Hours

You need to submit your claims within 24 hours AFTER you booked from the Expedia website.

4. General Public

The prices that you intend to compare must be advertised and available to the general public on an English-language website.

For example, this does not include rates offered on membership program websites, corporate discounts or rates; group, charter, rewards program, incentive, meeting, convention, consolidator or interline prices; prices obtained via auction or similar process; or prices available only by using a coupon or other promotion not offered to the general public.

The lower rate may not come from a website where you call to get the rate, or from an e-mail that you received. The rate must be quoted and able to be booked and paid for in Singapore Dollars (without the use of a currency exchange calculator) at the time you contact our customer service representatives.

The representative, would go into the website to verify the lower rate, and if they are able to find the lower rate that you mentioned, you would be entitled to the Expedia – Best Price Guarantee.

5. Once Per Calendar Month

You can claim a Best Price Guarantee refund only once per itinerary even if a lower rate is found on more than one occasion for a single itinerary. You may only make one Best Price Guarantee claim per calendar month regardless of the number of accounts you have.

6. $$$$$$$$

Expedia will refund you twice the difference up to SGD125

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