My China Trip to Fujian Tulou – 怀远楼 Huai Yuan Lou 2

怀远楼 Huai Yuan Lou is located near to Yun Shui Yao (云水谣)

this circular Tulou is located in Kanxia Village of Meilin Town in NanJing County, Fujian Province, China.

It is built in Qing Dynasty (1905-1909) by Jian Xin-Xi (简新喜). The 16th generation of the Jian 简 family.



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The building comprises 2 annular constructions, sitting North and facing South, it covers an area of 1384.7 square meters with a floor space of 3468 square meters.The 4-storey earth-wood outer ring is 13.5 meters high with corridor design, 34 rooms on each floor.



The inner ring is called 诗礼堂 which loosely translated as Hall of Poem and Courtesy.


怀远楼 Huai Yuan Lou has a few meaning to its name

#1 The owner came from Hebei Huai Yang Jian ‘s family 怀杨简氏家族

#2 The word 怀远 Huai Yuan, means to miss far away distant relatives.

#3 The name also has the meaning of 胸怀远大理想 which means to have noble, important and admirable ideals.

怀远楼 Huai Yuan Lou like most Chinese tourist attraction has become way too commercialised. Most people that you see in the 怀远楼 Huai Yuan Lou tends to be female or the elderly. Most of the abled males are out in the city to work.

If you intend to support the local, you can purchase some of the souvenirs there, or spend 5RMB to take a tour upstairs.

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2 thoughts on “My China Trip to Fujian Tulou – 怀远楼 Huai Yuan Lou

  • Andi

    It is SO large on the inside compared to the picture of the outside. I have always been fascinated with circular buildings they are so cool! Is this city on a main train line? What is the best way to get there?