Wednesday Interview: Maria from Global Mary

Maria is the blogger behind Global Mary, she was born and grew up in Russia in a small provincial town. She has always been fascinated with different cultures, stories about adventures, distant countries and has always wanted to live abroad for a while. So, she went to study in Sweden where she met so many new friends from all around the world. Travelling became her biggest addiction and passion.


What type of traveller would you say you are?

I am a curious traveler! I love to explore new places, learn new things and do that actively. I can stay on a beach for maximum three days, and then I get bored. So, my types of traveling are: city, or area exploration and hiking.

What is the first trip you remember taking and how old were you?

I think I was four, because I remember that I didn’t need a ticket on the train I took with my family. We went to another city in Russia, called Saratov, to visit our relatives. I also remember that my dad could not find their house, it was raining very hard and we had just one umbrella for me, my brother and our mom and dad. In the end we found the house and it was a great stay with our relatives on shores of river Volga.

What is the one thing that you always carry inside your backpack?

My camera of course! I travel and enjoy the beauty and our world. I want the memories to last, I want to share them.

Do you prefer to travel alone or with someone? Why?

I always travel with my husband, and he is the best traveling companion I could ever wish for. He is my secret weapon, my supporter and my inspiration! I love to share with him my wow-moments and the new things I learn on the way.

What is the one place that you would highly recommend others to travel to?

To all those who are looking for an active vacation, I always recommend the Portuguese island Madeira. It’s great for hiking, walks along levadas and it gardens with unusual, colourful flowers. The nature on Madeira is incredible! Swimming is also possible, but don’t expect sand beaches there.


What’s the worst place that you have stayed in for sleeping?

When I just arrived to Sweden, I had no place to stay, so one of my future flatmate, offered me to sleep over at his room. He had only one bed, so I slept on the bare floor, with a pillow and a blanket that I had bought earlier that day.

The best place I’ve stayed?

Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Bangkok. I still remember this great, super comfortable bed and the incredible view!

Do you have any challenging and bad experience while travelling?

I guess I am a lucky traveler, but also a cautious one. I can’t recall anything really dramatic or bad happening to me. Challenging? Well, maybe dealing with the cab drivers in Bangkok. Some of them were extremely cheeky and tried to trick us.

If you were not travelling what would you be doing instead?

I can’t imagine my life without traveling! If I didn’t have a chance to travel, I would like to keep a farm, or a guest house, where other travellers from everywhere in the world could stay.


Are you planning a new trip or do you already have a new trip in mind?

In the middle of my I am going to travel to… well, actually I don’t know to where! It’s a surprise trip, fully planned and organised by my husband. I will know the destination as soon as we are in the airport. The next possible destination is the Lake Baikal in Russia. Going there has always been my dream!

Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travellers?

Planning and research beforehand can help you save a lot of time and money! I always read articles by my fellow bloggers and ask a lot of questions in advance. Good preparation doesn’t mean that you always have to strictly follow your plan. Being spontaneous is fun! And don’t be afraid to explore and try something you haven’t done before. Happy travels!


Maria shares her travel experience and what it means to live a global life at Global Mary. She hopes to inspire people, tell them stories from the places she had been to and also practically support them by making it easier for them to plan their trip! She also write stories about living a global life and what she has learnt on the way and post many beautiful breath-taking photos.

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