Jetstar – Price Beat Guarantee Review 3

I recently tried using the Jetstar – Price Beat Guarantee for tickets from Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore.

The terms and conditions are pretty simply to follow, and the best part of it, is that after they confirmed that the price of another airline is cheaper, they would give you a link to make the purchase.

#1 The flight must leave 72 hours from when you submit the claim through their online chat.

#2 The flight that you are comparing must be

  • Within one hour of each other if they’re domestic or flights between Australia and New Zealand
  • Within one hour of each other if they’re international flights within Asia
  • Within the same calendar day if they’re international flights (excluding flights within Asia and flights between Australia and New Zealand)

#3 Must compare apple to apple including all additional mandatory fees, surcharges and taxes included. This also includes the same airport that they are landing.

apple to apple

jetstar compare

Although both the location is in Bangkok, but as they fly into different airports, this would NOT be considered as apple to apple.

#4 The booking must be less than 10 passengers

#5 The booking would be paid through a valid credit card WITHOUT ANY exorbitant surcharge aka $0, $zero dollars credit card surcharge.

credit card page


#6 Comparison can only be made on the following airlines, Jetstar (JQ), Jetstar Asia (3K), Jetstar Japan (GK) or Jetstar Pacific (BL) flight. Qantas (QF) codeshare flights don’t apply. Comparisons cannot be made between Jetstar airlines.



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