How to Jetstar -Price Beat Guarantee? 1

How to Jetstar -Price Beat Guarantee?

Step 1: Use Skyscanner to search for all the flights to see if there is any flight then match the requirement and is lower price then Jetstar


Jetstar beat the price Skyscanner

Step 2: Ensure that you have a valid credit card available

Step 3: Go to Jetstar -Price Beat Guarantee

Step 4: Click on the “Chat” button and fill in the forms, with the necessary information.

Step 5: WAIT & WAIT, it can take from 20 mins to up to an hour for a customer service representative to come back to you, so be very patient. (You are half way there!)

Step 6: The customer service representative would verify on the flight that has a lower cost than Jetstar and to ensure that you meet are the criteria.

Step 7: The customer service representative would ask you for your information to assist you to do the booking, they would also check with you to see if you need any excess baggage.

Step 8: After the confirmation, the customer service representative would tell you the total price, and would provide you with a link for you to input for the credit card information.

credit card page

Jetstar credit card

Step 9: After your payment is confirmed, they would sent you the itinerary, the flight details and the tax invoice.


jetstar review

Step 10: You are done with your flights! Now you need to book for your hotel rooms. CLICK HERE to read on my review on the Expedia –¬†Best Price Guarantee, SHAM or LEGIT?

Have an awesome trip!

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