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This is an unexpected journey where I had the opportunity to visit Hell with my camera. Har Paw Villa, is a unique theme park in Singapore, which depicting scenes from Chinese mythology, folklore, legends, history, and illustrations of various aspects of Confucianism. It’s best-known attractions in Har Paw Villa is the 10 courts of Hell, which features gruesome depictions of Hell in Chinese mythology and Buddhism.

** Please take note that due to the graphic nature, viewers discretion is advised.**


Before stepping into Hell, on your death bed, horse head and cow face would ‘usher’ your soul into the gates of hell. Each court of Hell is ruled by a Yan Luo Wang, or frequently referred as Yama. Yama is the ruler and the judge of the deceased soul on your past deeds.

First Court Of Hell
Yama: King Qinguang


King Qingguang in the first court of hell conducts preliminary trials to determine the good and the evil souls.


Souls with virtue conducts in the past life would head towards the golden bridge towards paradise.

While those whose good deeds surpassed their evil deeds would be sent to the silver bridge towards paradise too.


Souls who were evil-doers would be sent to repent in the mirror of retribution, and would be subsequently taken to the other courts to have their sentence determined.

Second Court Of Hell
Yama: King Chujiang

King Chujiang determines the sentence for crimes including inflicting physical injury, conmen, robbers, corruption, stealing, gambling and prostitutes.
Crime: Inflicting physical injury, conmen and robbers
Punishment: To be thrown into a volcanic pit
Crime: Corruption, stealing and gambling
Punishment: Frozen into blocks of ice
Crime: Prostitutes
Punishment: Thrown into a pool of blood to drowned

Third Court Of Hell
Yama: King Songdi


King Songdi determines the sentence for crimes including ungratefulness, disrespect to the elders, escape from prisons, drug addicts and trafficking, tomb robbers and urging people into crime and social unrest.


Crime: Ungratefulness, Disrespect to elders, Escape from prison
Punishment: Heart dug out

Crime: Drug addicts and Traffickers, Tomb robbers, Urging people into crimes and Social unrest
Punishment: Tied to red hot copper pillar and grilled

Fourth Court Of Hell
Yama: King Wuguan


King Wuguan determines the sentence for crimes including tax dodger, refusal to pay rent, business fraud, disobedience to one’s siblings and lack of filial piety.
Crime: Tax dodger, Refusal to pay rent, Business fraud
Punishment: Pounded by stone mallet
Crime: Disobedience to one’s siblings, Lack of filial piety
Punishment: Grounded by large stone

Fifth Court Of Hell
Yama: King Yanluo


King Yanluo determines the sentence for crimes including plotted another’s death for his property or money and money lenders with exorbitant interest rates
Crime: Plotted another’s death for his property or money, Money lenders with exorbitant interest rates
Punishment: Thrown onto a hill of knives

Sixth Court Of Hell
Yama: King Piencheng


King Piencheng determines the sentence for crimes including cheating, cursing, abducting others, misuse of books, possession of pornographic materials, breaking written rules and regulations and wasting food.
Crime: Cheating, Cursing, Abducting others
Punishment: Thrown onto a tree of knives
Crime: Misuse of books, Possession of pornographic materials, Breaking written rules and regulations, Wasting food.
Punishment: Body sawn into two.

Seventh Court Of Hell
Yama: King Taishan


King Taishan determines the sentence for crimes including rumour mongers, sowing discord among family members, rapist and driving someone to their death.
Crime: Rumour mongers, Sowing discord among family members,
Punishment: Tongue pulled out
Crime: Rapists, Driving someone to their death
Punishment: Thrown into pot of boiling oil

Eighth Court Of Hell
Yama: King Dushi


King Dushi determines the sentence for crimes including lack of filial obedience, causing trouble for parents or family members, cheating during examinations and harming others to benefit oneself.
Crime: Lack of filial obedience, Causing trouble for parents or family members, Cheating during examinations.
Punishment: Intestines and organs pulled out
Crime: Harming others to benefit oneself
Punishment: Body dismembered

Ninth Court Of Hell
Yama: King Pingdeng


King Pingdeng determines the sentence for crimes including robbery, murder, rape, Any other unlawful conduct and neglect of the old and the young.
Crime: Robbery, Murder, Rape, Any other unlawful conduct
Punishment: Head and arms chopped off
Crime: Neglect of the old and the young
Punishment: Crushed under boulders

Tenth Court Of Hell
Yama: King Zhuanlun


In the Tenth Court, there is the ‘Wheel of Reincarnation’ and the ‘Pavilion of forgetfulness’. After serving their sentences, prisoners arrive at the Tenth Court where King Zhuanlun passes his final judgement.
The prisoners are then brought to the ‘Pavilion of Forgetfulness’ where an old lady ‘Meng Po’ hands them a cup of magic tea which upon drinking, makes them forget their past life.
After the prisoners have drunk the magic tea from Meng Po, the sinners would leave the 10 courts of hell via one of the six paths of the wheel of reincarnation or Samsara.
This unique theme park is located at the Har Paw Villa, which is accessible by the Har Paw Villa MRT Station. Har Paw Villa admission is free and is opened from 9am to 7pm with the entrance to the 10 courts of Hell closing at 5.30pm.

Have you been to Har Paw Villa in Singapore? What is your thought on the courts of Hell? Would you be interested in checking out this unique theme park in Singapore?


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3 thoughts on “My Journey To The 10 Courts Of Hell

  • Kelly Turpin

    OMG! Really don’t want to go to that hell! I caused my parents a little anguish when I was younger so my intestines will be pulled out! Wasting food – I’ve done that. But I was taught to eat everything on my plate so I don’t do it often. I DON’T WANT TO BE SAWN IN HALF! Wow, freaky place. Thanks for the info. Interesting read.

  • Lydia C. Lee

    As a kid it was my favourite place on our holidays (then Tiger Balm Gardens) but I was terrified and even cried in the Hell tunnel. So of course, dragged my kids there when they were old enough. 2 found it hilarious, especially respecting your older siblings bit, though the youngest relived my early experience (but no tears). I love this park and don’t understand why more people don’t make it their #1 place to see in Singapore…