5 Things I Would Miss If I Quit My Full Time Job 13

Many travel bloggers have quit their job and focus on travelling and blogging their experience. As a new travel blogger, I have been reading other bloggers post about how it is so wonderful to quit their job and to travel the world and to be paid to write about it. I have been at this cross junction, and I realised that there are 5 things that I would miss if I quit my full-time job.

#1 Stable Salary


Money is one of the most important factors for travelling, without money you can’t do the bungee jump in Macau tower or the skydiving in Australia. Many travel bloggers have written how they quit their job and be a full-time traveller. It takes a lot of courage to leave your stable job, fire your boss and to move into a realm of unknown.

#2 Medical and Dental Care


With paid medical and dental care, it allows you to go religiously every biannual for a dental checkup. That cough or flu that you had would allow you to see a doctor, but when you quit your job the security is taken away and you would be on your own.

#3 Colleagues

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Being a traveller is definitely a fun experience, but I would totally miss the bunch of colleagues that I have. We had been through thick and thin for more than 2 years, and strong friendships have been fostered.

#4 Normal working hours


Being in a full-time job, you have a pretty structured schedule and proper working hours. Quitting full-time job, to be a full-time traveller means that you have staggering and weird working hours, blogging and writing at different time zones. Jetlag and insomnia would be the norm.

#5 Opportunities


I am currently working as a business consultant and there are plans to train us and to make us more proficient in a certain capability. The opportunities cost of quitting my job to be a full-time traveller, bears a huge risk and sacrifice.

Are you a full-time traveller or a part-time traveller? Do you have anything that you would miss if you quit your job?

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13 thoughts on “5 Things I Would Miss If I Quit My Full Time Job

  • Mar Pages

    This is a great perspective on what many forget. Having a full time job has many benefits to treasure as much as a love for travel. It is completely possible to do both healthily, enjoying and learning from both!

  • Suanlee

    Really enjoyed reading your opinions on this Bernard. Having a stability is certainly important for me. I’ve realised a thing or two about travelling, money and time – when you’re younger and not working in a full time job, you have all the time you want to go travelling but no money, however when you’re older you have money but no time! I find it a little hard sometimes to take leave from work to go and travel which is a little bit of a drawback but I would much rather travel not be a full time thing because it may (in some weird way) lose its shine for me. Great post.

  • John and Laurel Rodgers

    Quitting your job is a huge task and risk for anyone. We are lucky in that we are on a small retirement income from the U.S. and is enough for us to get by and travel. I will admit that blogging and photography that we do yields little results so anyone should consider if [they really want to give it up and travel. We love it but our situation is just not the same that most people would face not also including that travel for a few weeks or days is fun but we have been at it sinc 1999 and it is a job for us.

  • Sheri

    As much as I love to travel, I would never quit my full time job without financial stability to be able to continue, or to be able to travel the way I want to. I am a planner and less of a spontaneous risk taker.

  • Marge Gavan

    I recently quit my job too, but not really to focus on traveling but to explore the possibility of doing freelance. I just don’t want to do corporate anymore. I’m sorta sick of tired of it after being at it for 13 years. I want to see if I can make it as a freelancer.

    Anyway, now that you mentioned it, some of the things that you mentioned here I actually miss most especially the stable salary. It helps that you have a stable source of money to pay the bills and help finance your other interests in life. What I don’t miss is the normal working time. I actually hate it. I want to own my time.

  • Alina Popescu

    I switched to freelancing about 7 years ago and never looked back. Sure, it’s harder at times, there are fluctuating payments, and the hours tend to get longer, not shorter, but I really don’t regret it at all. We don’t get dental care, but healthcare is free and if you want private medical insurance, you can get that yourself, so it’s never been a big deal for me. That said, I am still just a part time traveler, work is just too demanding to be able to do more now.

  • Vicki Louise

    These are 5 great reasons to not quit your job. I love having a salary and regular working hours – and much prefer having money in the bank to travel with than trying to survive on $20 a day! Some people are great at it – but it’s just not for me!