My Little Secret on Affordable Travel: Expedia Discount Codes and Cashback 39

I would be sharing my little secret on affordable travel.

I started this blog, with the intention to share my travel experience and my travel research. I have shared Expedia Best Price Guarantee and also on Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee.

Last year, after I had spoken at a conference (the conference is on digital marketing), I was chatting with the organizer and was sharing on how I love to travel and love to find good deals. She shared with me on a very special website that would allow me to gain more than just purchasing directly, and since then, I have been using the special website. This is how my journey has begun.

So, What is so Special about the Special Website?

Many bloggers would be very familiar with affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing has been an on-going trend, whereby bloggers would add a link on their website, and when readers click on it and purchase certain items, the blogger would earn a small commission. The reader would not be paying extra as the price would be exactly the same as if you had entered the website directly. So, it creates a WIN-WIN situation. The special website is similar to affiliate marketing, but with a twist.

So, What is the twist?

win-win situation.jpg

The special website gives the reader that clicks on their affiliate marketing link a cashback in return after they purchased items from the link. So, instead of creating a WIN-WIN situation, it creates a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

So, How does this Special Website Works?

Instead of purchasing directly from Expedia website, I would usually go to this special website, and click on the Expedia website, and whatever booking that I had made on Expedia, the special website would give me a cash back in return. You can also find some great deals from Expedia.

So, What is this Special Website?

From the end of last year till today, which is less than 5 months. I have received about SGD 66 in cash back, which can pay for a return trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.


So, if you have yet to join this phenomenon website, you can click on the following link to join Shopback, it would cost you nothing to join and to use. Plus you can find the best travel deals to help you satisfy your wanderlust!

So, Have fun shopping and get Cashback!

You can also save on other travel websites like and or even on groceries like Honestbee. ShopBack is the go-to site for all the best deals and offers for your online shopping needs. So start your online shopping with ShopBack! Click here for more info on the deals available!

This is an invited post from a very satisfied customer of Shopback.

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