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A few weeks back, I was invited to travel with Kerala Tourism to explore the wonders of Kerala, India. It was my first time travelling to India, and I had heard many nasty and terrible things about India. Instead, I was indeed amazed by the beauty of India, more specifically Kerala.

The trip started from Singapore and the best way to travel is to travel with the regional arm of Singapore Airlines, Silkair.

#1 Travelling in Style

We were invited into the SilverKris Lounge in Changi Airport Terminal 2, with delicious Asian Food and alcohol to calm your nerves. I met up with the ASEAN team for the Kerala Blog Express, Indra from Indonesia, Evelyn from Malaysia and Claire from Phillippines.

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We spent our time talking about our blogging and travel experiences. Time passed quickly when you are immersed in the things that you love. We were quickly placed on the golf carts in the airport and quickly sent to our boarding area.

#2 Hooked up with Silkair Studio

Silkair Studio is Silkair in-flight entertainment, you are able to hook up your personal devices from Ipad to Mobile Phones.

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Silkair Studio has amazing blockbusters, short clips and awesome music. All in your personal devices which means you don’t need to share with other people. I took Silkair from Singapore to Cochin (Economy  Class) and from Trivandrum to Singapore (Business Class), both using Silkair Studio, with each trip being about 4 hours.

#3 Asian Infused Food

Silkair makes it a point to infused Asian cuisine for its in-flight meal and it is undeniably delicious!

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I had Indian curry chicken. I was expecting for it to be extremely spicy and for the chicken to be dry but to my surprise, the chicken was tender and the curry wasn’t extremely spicy. It was indeed delicious, it kinda set my stomach in the right direction for Indian food.

#4 Awesome Cabin Crews

Silkair have awesome cabin crews to make sure you are pampered and covered. 


I was sitting in the Business class, as my flight is a red-eye flight, leaving Trivandrum at night and reaching Singapore the next morning. The crews were extremely attentive to my needs and make it a point to make me feel welcome. I came out from the toilet before touching down, and they asked me if I needed more drinks or anything. It’s the little gesture that made me feel special.

#5 Punctuality

Both flights left about 5-10 mins earlier before the scheduled timing and reached the destination about 10-20 mins earlier. I needed to head to a major event after my red-eye flight to Singapore, so that additional 20 mins allowed me more time to head home to change and to get to work.


Silkair is indeed the undisputed Asia’s Best Regional Airline and your gateway to explore the beauty and the rich culture of Asia.

Thank you Silkair for flying me to Kerala India to participate in Kerala Blog Express. As always all opinions are my own.

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