Why You Should Go on a Ski Vacation in Japan

What’s the first thing you would think about when you hear about Japan? Chances are you would think about sushi, kimonos, cherry blossoms, or even anime. But what if I told you that you can also book a trip to a Japanese ski resort? In fact, the country has over 500 ski resorts to choose from.

If you’re interested in finding a different place to ski in, then let’s take a look at three great reasons to book your next ski trip in Japan.


Japan Ski Resort

#1 Many slopes to choose from

70% of Japan’s terrain is mountainous, meaning you have lots of slopes to pick from. Two prominent ski destinations in the country are Honsu, located on the mainland; and Hokkaido, on the northern island. Of the two, the latter has the longer cold seasons and climates. Hokkaido also has a wider selection of ski resorts, such as the five-star Kiroro Ski Resort, and is frequented more by foreigners. Honsu, on the other hand, has more sunny days and steeper mountains. Whether you’re looking for more challenging mountains or popular tourist spots, you’re sure to find these in Japan.


#2 Consistent amount of quality snowfall

Japan receives a consistent volume of snow each year, with at least 300 to 600 inches of winter season snowfall recorded in the past few years. This is especially true for the months of December and January.

One reason why the country has lots of snow is because of the cold air coming in from China and Russia. This cold wind passes over the Sea of Japan, where the moisture contributes to the snowfall. These two factors, coupled with the fact that the sea doesn’t freeze, provides a constant source of moisture for the snow to form.

Another thing that sets apart the snow in Japan is its fluffy, powdery texture. This freshly fallen powder snow is the kind that makes it ideal for skiers who prefer speed. If you’re trying these slopes for the first time, it’s ideal to maintain a fast pace to avoid sinking into it. The snow is also thick enough to act as a cushion in case you crash.

Japan Ski Resort

#3 Affordable prices

Each ski resort will have their own specific prices. However, on average, a one-day ticket for skiing will only cost you around 4,000 to 5,000 yen—roughly around 35 to 44 US Dollars. Depending on the season, resorts will sometimes lower their rates to entice more visitors. Those looking to get a good deal on rates can even purchase discount coupons on the resort’s website. Also, if you’re wondering about how much the food will cost, a typical meal would go for around 600 to 1,500 yen, or around 5 to 14 USD.

If you’re planning to go somewhere new for skiing, Japan is that place. It’s got lots of mountains and resorts to choose from, plus most resort staff are friendly, too. If nothing else, try going there for the quality of snow. Who knows, you might end up enjoying a great challenge on several slopes you’ve never tried before.


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