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I believed that you might have guessed where this post is heading towards. On this awesome Mother’s Day, I would like to dedicate it to my most spontaneous travel partner.


I remember the first trip that I had with my mum was where we head to Thailand, just the both of us. I have been through something terrible in my life, and  I remembered that my mum was the one who encouraged me to take the break and to refresh myself, asking me to travel as to break the chain of events and to start anew. The lack of knowledge about the scams in Thailand had unfortunately caused us to fall into the infamous Thai gem scam. My mum is a super spontaneous travel partner, we had purchased the Groupon tickets and within a few weeks, we are off to the airport and heading towards Thailand.


We recently travelled to China. We had intended to stay at my relatives place, therefore, we did very little travel research. After a few days, staying at our relatives place, we had decided to explore other areas of China, as we had not done much travel research, we had to do our research along the trip.


We would usually split the work, where she would be researching on where to go while I would be researching on where to stay, and to book our hotels for the next day. We had decided to head to Fujian Tulou UNESCO World Heritage and did not book our hotels beforehand, which allows us to get massive discounts when we were there.


In Chinese Asian culture, we tend not to express our feelings for one another, and we do not have any hugging expressions to show gratitude to one another. I remember after going through a tough patch of my life, I decided that I need to let go of the ego, and start expressing my gratitude towards my mum, this has brought us closer.

Thanks Mum for being my most spontaneous travel partner, my best friend, and my cheerleader. Thanks for being so encouraging whenever I feel like giving up.

On this Mother’s Day, I would encourage you to hug your mother and to show her the gratitude.

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One thought on “Dedication: Spontaneous Travel Partner

  • Marge Gavan

    Aww.. I’m sure your mom would be touched if she reads this post of yours. I haven’t traveled with my mom alone and we’re not really close so I’m not sure if it will happen ever. But stories like these inspire me and touches my heart. Wishing you more fun travels with your mother.