Teach English and Travel the World- Prep for the move

Teach English and Travel the World

After being rejected from my placement in Vietnam, and accepted in Thailand. I had to prep for the big move and to ensure that everything was in placed.

CELTA Course paid (USD 1600)

– I went to the bank to TT the payment after I was accepted into the Celta course to confirm my placement.

Air tickets booked (SGD 327.50 / USD 232)

– I used Skyscanner to check the prices of the various airlines for the air tickets. Decided to book Thai airlines for comfort. It was the right decision as I was sick when I flew from Singapore to Bangkok.

– Skyscanner has its limitation as some of the special rates are not shown on Skyscanner, therefore it is important to go to the airline site to check for the latest price or if there are any special promotions.

Accommodation booked ( THB 9900 / USD 283)

– The accommodation package provided by the school is terribly far from the school although it was mentioned that Metropark is located around 15 mins away from the school. Trainees that stay at Metropark would need to take a shuttle bus followed by the BTS. Metropark would cost 18,000 baht excluding electricity and water charges.

– I stayed in Baan Rim Sathorn which is located about ten mins walk to the BTS station, followed by 2 BTS station away from the school. I could also take the motor taxi from my apartment to the school which would cost me about 50-60 baht. Monthly cost at 9900 baht excludes electricity, water and internet connection.

Baan Rim Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand

Insurance purchased

– Although the situation in Thailand has stabilized after the military coup in 2014, I still purchased a travel insurance as I would be bringing my MacBook and would like to protect against the loss of valuable items. The insurance is also to ensure that there was a safety net in case of an emergency like food poisoning. I bought my insurance through FWD.

– My fellow teacher trainee had his luggage stuck while transiting to Bangkok, he wore a smart casual shirt for his entire course with a tie, and it was hilarious. On the last teaching practice, another teacher trainee had food poisoning.

Visa applied (Free)

– Singapore’s passports can enjoy visa-free travel to Bangkok for not more than 30 days, as I would be traveling a few days before my CELTA and to do the Grammar Refresher Course by IH Bangkok, and I had to spend a total of 34 days in Bangkok

I applied for the visa in Singapore and was surprised that I wouldn’t need to pay anything for the visa.

Pre-course task

– The entire pre-course task had more than 30 pages with 50 different task. I didn’t have the time to complete the entire pre-course task.

Purchasing of Books

– I purchased the recommended books by IH Bangkok before the trip and lug all the heavy books from Singapore to Bangkok, but the classes do not require the books.

– The books are usually used when I am cracking my brain, thinking of lesson plans and assisting me to complete the assignments.

Would recommend the following 3 books to ease your brain cracking sessions.
English Grammar in Use
Practical English Usage
Learner English: A Teacher’s Guide to Interference and Other Problems

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