Teach English and Travel the World- Handling the Curveball

Teach English and Travel the World

It has always been my dream to teach abroad in rural areas in Asia. For me to achieved this dream, I would need to be equipped with the right tools to be competent. After much research, I have decided to take on the CELTA.

What is CELTA and Why CELTA?

CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) which is the initial teacher training qualification for teachers intending to teach English as a second or foreign language. The CELTA is awarded by Cambridge.

As the CELTA is considered the cream of the crop in this arena and is designed for candidates with little to no experience, I have decided to take the CELTA instead of run-of-the-mill TEFL or TESOL Certification.

My CELTA Journey started in September 2016. I researched online for the various schools that provide the CELTA course and the cost of the course, narrowed down my options to either Thailand or Vietnam.

Why Thailand?

+ affordable cost of living
+ reliable transport system
+ familiar with the place
+ wide variety of food

– too many distractions (nightlife)

Why Vietnam?

+ have friends in HCMC
+ affordable cost of living
+ familiar with the place
+ lesser distractions compared to Thailand

– unfavorable public transport system

Taking my First Step

I decided to submit my CELTA application for Vietnam, HCMC. After receiving my application, I was asked to make some changes for some of my answers and was scheduled for a pre-interview.

I reached home about 30 mins before the Skype phone interview. The interview revolved around my CELTA application and my plans after the CELTA.

After the interview, I waited patiently for my acceptance letter. But I was surprised to receive a rejection letter instead. All my plans have been disrupted; I was extremely disappointed.

When one door closes, another opens.

There would be better and bigger plans for me. I decided to put up the CELTA application for Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and even consider doing it in Nepal.

IH Bangkok scheduled a Skype interview, and I was accepted into the course. Within the same week, I received the pre-course task, the acceptance letter, accommodation and visa advice.

On 31st December 2016, I flew to Bangkok, Thailand, to prepare for my CELTA course.

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