Getting My First Visa: Thailand Visa in Singapore 2

Surprise Surprise, Singapore passport is ranked the 5th most accessible passport around the world, and the first most accessible passport in South-East Asia. Carrying a Singapore passport, allows me to travel freely within South-East Asia without a visa.

So, Why do I need a Thai Visa?

Singapore passport is allowed to enter into the Kingdom of Thailand for not more than 30 days. I would be heading to Thailand for more than 30 days and would be spending my New Year and my Lunar New Year in Thailand but would not be partying and having fun.

I am heading to Thailand to do CELTA, (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) with the IHBangkok, taking my first step into pursuing my dreams.

I had 2 options to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days. Either I get the Thai visa beforehand in Singapore, or I do a border run to neighbouring Cambodia.  I decided to do it the legal way and to get a Thai Visa in Singapore.

So, How to get a Thai Tourist Visa in Singapore?


The Royal Thai Embassy of Singapore is located at Orchard Road which is walking distance away from Orchard MRT Station.

(Currently, there are constructions taking place at the entrance of the embassy, all visitors would need to enter the embassy through claymore road beside pan pacific orchard)



Visa Application at the Thai Embassy of Singapore

For visa application, it’s from Monday to Friday (except Embassy’s holidays) at 09.15am-11.30am only, I reached the embassy at around 8.45am and there was a short queue waiting to get into the room.

At 9.15am sharp, the security opened the barricade for us to enter into the visa holding area. We had to take a number tag and wait for our numbers to be called. Before heading to the embassy, I had downloaded the visa application or you may collect a copy at the entrance before entering the visa holding area.

embassy visa area.jpg

The embassy site has mentioned that we would need to show evidence of adequate finance as one of the items required, but I was not asked by the consulate officer to show the cash. The process was extremely fast after I passed the form, my passport and my air tickets. The officer had also asked me where I would be staying when I am in Thailand, so be prepared if they ask you the location you do not need to show them any proof of confirmation. The officer gave me a pink slip of paper and I was out of the office within 15 mins at 9.30am. I was asked to come in 2 days later at 2-3pm to collect my visa, no visa payment was collected from me.

thai embassy visa.jpg


Visa Collection at the Thai Embassy of Singapore

For visa collection it’s from Monday to Friday (except Embassy’s holidays): 02.00pm-03.00 pm only, at the security I was asked to show the pink slip of paper before I was allowed to enter into the embassy. The process for the visa collection was similar to the visa application and within 15mins, I was out of the embassy with the visa in my hand.

Thai Visa.jpg

Overall, the Thai embassy was efficient and the process was kinda seamless. I am glad I did the right way instead of risking myself and needing to do a border run to Cambodia in the midst of my extremely intensive course, CELTA.



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