How I Almost Got Thrown Into A Communist Prison 4

When I was in China, I frequently took their high-speed bullet train as it was able to get me from place to place at the fastest speed, and it cost me the fraction of an air ticket. When I reached QuanZhou, I needed to take a train to Fuzhou, which is my ancestral home.

This is the first time, I took a high-speed train in China. The experience is amazing and somewhat nerve-wracking.

China has enforced a very strict security for its high-speed train, it is somewhat similar to the airport check-in. You can read my experience on its security check where I got my ass groped.

So, What happened ?

When I was on the high-speed train, I was using my action camera to take videos of the train. I was taking video of the cafe cabin and was told by the cafe personals that they do not allow anyone to take videos and photos in the cafe cabin.

After I was told not to take videos and photos, I went back to my seat. The cafe personals had notified the policeman on suspicious activities. I saw the cafe personals walking up and down, trying to look for me, and by this time I had kept my camera, and was sitting down quietly.

The cafe personals, found me and notify the policeman. The policeman came over and questioned my intention on why I had took videos and photos. After which, he reviewed all the videos that I had taken, and found me to be of no threat to the China security.

That was my close brush with the law and almost thrown into a communist prison in China.


This encounter gave me a boost in my confidence with China public transport, I know that whenever I am taking the high-speed train, there are many people looking out for our safety.

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