5 Tips To Get Massive Discount in China 62

Sharing on 5 tips that I found out while travelling in China, that gave me a massive discount on my accommodation.

#1 Go on a non-peak, low season period


The best time to travel to China is during November to March, but avoid the Lunar New Year period at all cost. During November to March, the weather is colder but there are also lesser people, so most of the tourist attraction would be pretty empty.

#2 Seeing is believing.


When travelling to Yun Shui Yao, some travellers had decided to stay at the scam bus driver house, when we met them in the attraction the next day, they had expressed that the room that they were given was located quite a far distance away from the main attraction, and they had paid RMB 100 per room.

#3 Unity is Strength


When I was in China, after I alighted the scam bus. I met up with travellers from the same bus, and they have not booked their accommodation yet for the night. I decided to tag along with them and to follow them to choose which accommodation to stay.

#4 Haggle!


Yes! Haggle! The Chinese are Master in haggling, and they do it at their fingertips. They had shared with me that, you can haggle even at the departmental store (which I would not dare to do it). Their philosophy is “Always Haggle, or Walk Away!” My philosophy is “Ask, and you shall receive!”

#5 Travel with Chinese.


When we had decided which accommodation we intended to stay for the night, they had asked me to keep quiet, as they have intentioned to haggle the price with the owner of the hotel. The owner of the hotel wanted to charge us RMB 100 per room, after some negotiation, we were given a massive discount. We paid RMB 55 per room. That is a 45% discount!

The master of haggling has done it once again! Hooray!

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