VivoCity 4DX- Saigon, Vietnam 1

You might be wondering what is it about VivoCity, that I am talking about. Mapletree is a Singapore company, and they have to build an SC VIVOCITY, and this is not located at Harbourfront in Singapore, this is located at District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.


Last year, when traveling in Saigon, I made a point to go to the Cinema in Vivocity to watch The Terminator Genisys(The movie is in ENGLISH).


So, What’s so special about the cinema in SC Vivocity?

Although it takes about 20-25 mins to reach SC VIVOCITY, from District 1, the distance did not stop me from making the trip over. I was there to try out the 4DX Movie.

So, What is a 4DX movie?

4DX is a motion picture technology, owned and developed by the South Korean company, CJ 4DPLEX.

4DX allows a motion picture presentation to be augmented with environmental effects such as seat motion, the wind, rain, fog, lights, and scents along with the standard video and audio.

5 out of the 11 Southeast Asia country has 4DX Movies.

Singapore does not have 4DX movies.

So, What is the big deal about 4DX movie?

When you walk into the cinema, you would be given a 3D glasses, and you would walk into the cinema, to your assigned seat.

But the interesting thing is that your seat is not the usual seat, it is slightly leveled, it is similar to climbing up a roller coaster.

Just imagine yourself wearing a 3D glasses, watching a 3D movie, and the seat moves along with the movie, and you might also get water splash if the movie has that effect.


If you have not try 4DX before, and would not feel dizzy watching a 3D movie. I would highly recommend you to try the 4DX movie! (It is similar to Universal Studio Singapore, Shrek 4DX) It’s fun!

Price: VND 270,000 (~SGD 17)

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