How I Walked into a Chinese Blockbuster Scene (Yun Shui Yao) 4

南靖(NanJing) 雲水謠(Yun Shui Yao) 古镇 (Gu Zhen) is where the famous Chinese Blockbuster, The Knot, was filmed.  The movie has made the place famous, and many Chinese tourists are seen visiting this place.

I have never watched The Knot but am attracted to the picturesque walk around the bank by the river.









The place is very beautiful, and the pace is very slow. The people that are running a business around here are those that has been staying in this village. It was mentioned that previously, they do not have many tourists, but after the movie, they had changed the name to 雲水謠(Yun Shui Yao), and there has been tons of tourists coming here to stay and to visit.

雲水謠(Yun Shui Yao) means a song for clouds and water in Chinese, which perfectly describe the scenery. There are many hundred years old banyan trees located along the bank.

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